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Physical Therapy Atlanta

Certified Pilates Instructor

Stacy is one of the founding members of SetPT; a physical therapy practice focused on treating patients one-on-one for 1-hour sessions.  She has learned over the years that the value of individual care is the opportunity to listen to a patient’s story.  So much information is tied up in each person’s story.  By understanding the factors that led up to the injury, both physically and psychologically, the healing process can begin.

Stacy specializes in sports medicine and orthopedics with a concentration in manual therapy. She is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialty) and continues to study manual therapy through the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy and the Institute of Physical Art.

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In 2007, Erika founded SET Physical Therapy with Stacy Hund. SET Physical Therapy reflects Erika’s unique background and her dedication to her patients, who, if you ask, will tell you that her caring nature and passion for her job set her apart. But for Erika, she just feels lucky to be doing a job she loves each and every day.

As a former competitive ice skater, she learned about the demands of high-level competitive sports. Throughout her childhood, she skated seven days a week, six hours a day, in addition to off-ice training classes and school. Her experiences with skating gave her the discipline, drive and work ethic necessary to achieve any goal she undertakes.

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Physical Therapy New York


As a native New Yorker, Chris’ journey to Physical Therapy began as a high school athlete. Through hard training and putting a tremendous load on his body, Chris experienced thoracic bulging discs. This insight led Chris to see a world of healthcare that was inspiring and life-changing.

Chris went on to enroll in a competitive combined 6-year Bachelors of Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at the New York Institute of Technology. While there, Chris fueled his passion for PT by learning extensively about Osteopathic Medicine and Manual Therapy.

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A proud Ohio native, Ashley joined the SetPT team in November 2014. Her passion comes from helping patients return to their prior level of function by providing them with tools, advice, and guidance to achieve their goals. She strongly believes in the “biopsychosocial” approach, assessing not only the biological implications of injury but the psychological and social aspects and their complex interactions upon health and recovery.

Being a former high school and collegiate athlete, Ashley understands the importance of returning to the highest level of function. Specializing in sports physical therapy, she treats a wide range of athletes, from runners to tennis players to triathletes. She has treated professional track and field athletes, as well as tennis, lacrosse, and baseball players.

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Physical Therapy DC


Belinda joined SetPT in 2017, excited to join a team that aligned with her values of providing exceptional care through treating each patient as an individual and taking a whole-body approach to finding the source of the issue.

Her treatment philosophy is based on helping people reach their maximum potential. To accomplish this, she utilizes listening actively, determining the root cause of each chief complaint, applying appropriate manual and therapeutic techniques, and empowering patients to maintain health and wellness through education.

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Kayla has always been an avid runner growing up on a farm in rural Missouri. When she was 15 years old, she tore her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) due to a bad landing from a jump. The person that initially assessed the injury made an incorrect diagnosis, stating it was simply a hamstring strain.

What resulted was unrelenting knee instability when walking for three months before she found out about the correct diagnosis of an ACL tear. Because of this experience, Kayla has become truly determined to uncover the problem or dysfunction the patient is experiencing, opposed to chasing symptoms or, more importantly, not performing a thorough examination to conclude what is the real issue.

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